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Existential crises of companies

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Most organisation dating pre-2000 are coping with an existential crisis.

They have stapled their products and services continuously losing touch with the customer. And then came the IT, automating certain functions, but for each, we got another supplier meaning the systems couldn’t communicate nor exchange information. In the meantime, we siloed our operations and departments micromanaging everything and losing touch even more. Of course, the business kept going because it was beneficiary to the board and the employees. But the frustration can’t be hidden that easily.

Then came the Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus, Interoperability and Data management. Games played by large IT vendors providing ‘the holy grail’ of solutions which were only functional in theory, in practice you had to pay a lot of consultancy hours to get the things going. And even then, not everything from the brochure was achieved.

When it couldn’t get any worse, we got Big Data, IoT and Blockchain. Tadaaaa! You have officially pushed everyone into an abyss of digital & technological disruption.

The organisations nowadays pray to god everything is doing just fine as it is. In the meantime, the technological development didn’t slow down, and the business models which kept this kind of organisations safe are slowly swallowed by the newco’s destroying the businesses as you know them Uber, Spotify, Alibaba, Amazon, Airbnb.

The companies have already realised they are going to lose the game which they thought they were playing. The realisation is painful, and they must move fast to solve their existential crisis. But how!?

This is the main question for most of the established organisations!

Last modified: 13/08/2022