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What is life?!

I remember the good old Wired series and a conversation between two detectives. The quote that stuck was: ‘Life Jimmy, you know what that is? It is the shit that happens while you wait for the moments that never come’!

As research shows, populations have happy and fulfilled lives, but at the same time, people are alone and individualistic. Technology and stuff that does not add to the emotional, mental, nor physical stability dominate the life of most people. Addicted to scrolling and dancing panda’s scattered over social media platforms. These platforms lower the awkwardness and discomfort of social contact, emotions and interpersonal relationships. Zombi like not satisfied with their jobs, life and dreams that didn’t come true people seek comfort in things which make people more empty. Celebrating Friday and hoping for the weekend! Like that is a life-changing event.

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The vast mass is kept hostage by materialistic things which represent their happy lives to the external factors. At the same time, they are emotionally bankrupt and far from the social media expressed happiness. With their backs against the wall, because in today’s world showing your emotion could be experienced as naive. So instead of being you all the time, people have various masks they put on to represent them selfs. How tiring this must be.

‘If you are pushed with your back against the wall, turn around and break the fucking wall down’!

But there is hope for humanity, there is hope for you, for me and all in your circle! The solution is letting go, no plan, no desire, just living the moment. I live like that, and I believe you can too! And it is ooh so liberating.

If you figure out who you indeed are and the universe has blessed you with people you can be aligned with, meaning soul, mind and execution. You will be in the flow. The walls will disappear, and you will find the strength to tear walls for others, privately and in business. You are opening new fields of vision where people express kindness, love, passion in every action.

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The only thing you have to do is be you! Do not wait for the moments to speak but do! You will be amazed by the results. You will find love, experience brutal honesty and growth in every aspect of your life. And that my friends will spread because you will attract that what you focus on.

Genuine kindness and love conquer all, this is the ultimate strength you possess!

Last modified: 13/08/2022