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Alma Gemela

Soulmate! What is a soulmate? Well, in Spanish it is alma gemela? But that is only the translation. A soulmate is a person that understands you completely and is thoroughly interested in you as a person — going beyond the physical and straight to the soul — unconditionally sharing all thoughts and interestest in every aspect of life. It is the most admirable thing you can experience in your life. It will open your heart and soul as never before. But also spark your creativity, business ideas and give you inspiration and motivation for anything in life.

Most people settle for less, compromising and focusing on things that matter to the version of the world where the perspective of others matter. Until the person they indeed are is eliminated and does not exist any more! There are seven billion people, and the odds seem to be against you and finding this person is truly remarkable and extraordinary.

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Benjamin Franklin

The worst life is an unlived life. But it takes two to tango and spending your life with a person that doesn’t understand you to the fullest is just a waste of life. Don’t let your age ask you where your youthful years went.

If you are lucky enough, you will meet this person. And when you do, and it is mutual you will experience Romeo and Julia state of mind and experience and pure soul connection. This is Clear poetry! The external world will disappear and you will live in the moment and wishing it never ends. You will feel alive to the fullest!

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Romeo & Julia

I truly believe each one of us has a counterpart that is their Alma Gemela. But you do not have to search the universe will take care of you. And when it happens, well, you have to be in the flow soul-mind-action!

So, first, focus on your flow, and I promise you the rest will come naturally.

Last modified: 13/08/2022