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When you feel like quitting!

You are a miracle, even though you may have lost it along the way of life! You are! Why I tell you this! Well, you are a winner from the start! The odds of pregnancy are between 15% and 25%, so think about it. You are the universal miracle. The past does not define you; the future does not define you; today, you define you! And hold down to it! Because your wishful thinking won’t get you anywhere!

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But somewhere in your life, you lost the will of the toddler that learned to walk, talk, be ever curious, learn various things. You started making excuses; too hard, too busy, too complicated, too much! And you quit! The society and external expectation of others caught up with you! You started to live the materialistic life with a lot of things but an empty soul! And you can be the wealthiest human being in the world, but if your soul is empty, you are poor without knowing! But you became average, and there is nothing wrong with average if this is your choice! But if it is not! Well, you should wake the fuck up, rise, grind and take the life heads on!

The greatness is not measured by the size of man/woman but by the size of their heart! Your heart is the key to everything! The heart drives the mind and the mind that is where the most significant battle is fought!

‘If you do not want to sacrifice for that what you want in life, you will sacrifice for that you do not want in life!’

There is no rock bottom! When you hit rock bottom, you keep digging and find the richness of your heart and the true meaning of your existence. So how bad do you want it, how bad do you really want to achieve greatness? Your definition of greatness! What are you willing to sacrifice?

Today, you promise your self I want this dream, and I will not quit, I am committed, I am determined, I am unstoppable! Align your soul, heart, mind and actions and grind! No quitting!

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Train yourself to climb, and it won’t be an easy climb, but it is your time! Return and be the miracle you are! You are unique and never let anybody convince you otherwise!

Last modified: 13/08/2022