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Honesty, the most valuable asset in the world!

Do the tough moments in our life form our character? Or, are we the ones that choose for our honest core to survive in these kinds of situations?

But what is honesty? Honesty is within the core of our moral character which is in direct connection with positive and virtuous attributes which we project in our integrity, loyalty, truthfulness and straightforwardness. Especially in cases where things go sideways; it is then that honest character shines! And pure honesty in life will take you to the places in life you can’t imagine! It is the single and easiest thing you can execute, which will result in a happy, successful and fulfilled life!

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I believe all of us are born honest and pure, but due to the environment and external pressures, this virtue is considered naive. Naive, to trust friends, naive to trust loved ones, naive in business!

But what is the opposite? And is that opposite worth it?

You guessed it, it is being deceptive or lying. And people do that to achieve something. And people pay a high toll for this; it messes up their concept of morality, but also their creativity, imagination and true desires. Leverage in life I order to succeed at the cost of their core character value and their morale. Whether it is in private life or business, it never can be justified.

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Speaking for myself, I have always been in direct contact with my core value, and yes, I’m considered naive. And that is the cost of honesty, and I gladly pay it! But for that price, you will eliminate all dishonest people from your life, and you will very fast find out rats & snakes in your environment, which are only in contact with you for themselves. In all this, there is a lot you will gain, like-minded soulmate, pleasant and peaceful sleep, well-intentioned people in your surrounding, business relationships that last forever, better health and stronger mind!

If someone is dishonest and deceives you that does not mean this behaviour should change your perception, morality or honest character. You should be glad it happened because this person can do that only once to you. But you, unchanged and still you are the most significant shock you can give this kind of people.

My beliefs have been put to the test, believe me! My life hasn’t really been a sweet bicycle ride near the coast with the sun shining over my shoulders. I have set up companies ending up with nothing, I’ve been drained for my knowledge by people which ware actually piggybacking, cheated out of positions and share, education, love and so on. But these experiences have never even touched my core nor my smile. I will be like this forever! Why while the world is more dishonest than honest, you would ask?

Well, it is because I’m the cloud walker that still believes in love and honesty! I’m still the oldfashioned guy that believes there is good in all people; you just have to show them the light. This has to remain unchanged, standing for your core and holding to it forever!

Dishonesty and lies have a concise expiring date! Make sure you stay true to your honesty and morality, and the abolishment of these kinds of people from your life will be a natural process.

Last modified: 13/08/2022