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Don’t you rock my boat

Energised, up, taking a deep breath, being alive, with a purpose and goals 24/365. It desires a lot, the ultimate sacrifice on multiple levels. We all have 24 hours in a day, and we are responsible for how we spent them. No one controls your time but you, and if that is not the case, wake up and smell the coffee. No one controls your effort but you! You and you alone! But never forget to recharge.

The given time can only you spent only once and then it is gone. If you are controlling it and you choose the challenge. You also decide how you recharge, and your soul and mental recharge can be consumed in various forms.

There is a specific frequency when, in nature that gets me to relax while walking and putting my racing mind to rest. I admire nature and everything alive and sound of it without any disturbance, fresh air and animals. The walk, at least 10 kilometres, will give you time to think and rethink and put pieces of the puzzle in the right place.

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The moon as always so mysterious and a road ahead early in the morning!

Another cure for the racing mind is knowledge. And I do not mean technical expertise; you get that every day whether you want it or not. I mean in-depth knowledge like poetry, philosophy, history, art, architecture, ancient cities and literature. It gives your mind to rest and soul to consume. An illiterate soul makes you an inferior human being. I love to read, and I love to visit and explore new things that enrich my soul. But also visit cities and be amazed by the greatness of human craft, aware that I’m standing where 1000 years ago people walked and worked and it remained unchanged.

I also never forget the toddler in me and never want to let go of the curious little boy that is amazed by life and like all toddlers by sports cars. And you do not have to own something to enjoy it fully. You just have to have the right people around you that are living the life you are. Unselfishly sharing and enjoying your joy!

But when the lights go low, and you lack sunshine a good rest in piece wherever can recharge you also. It is then when I turn my ‘Don’t Rock My Boat’ mode on. And enjoy doing absolutely nothing! The funny thing is that the best ideas come from there. When I am in this state, doing absolutely nothing and talking about anything but business.

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Brain activity — — — — — — — — — — — — —

There is a very huge but in all of this. I believe A life not shared is not worth living! So all these moments spent alone are worthless. Living a fulfilled life is not about the material, money, travels nor assets. A fulfilled life can only be achieved when you have the right person next to you. The person that understands and accepts you 100% as you are. I would define this as an intellectual soulmate where platonic love is the core essence of it all. It is then when shared moments become memories which spark the love every time you talk about them. No phones, no Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn or whatever platform. You two, your eyes, your memories which you selfishly only share with each other.

So please find someone to rock your boat!

‘Can you see? Do you believe me?
Oh, darlin’, darlin’, I’m callin’, callin’
Satisfy my soul, satisfy my soul
Never, never, never give it up now’

Bob Marley

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