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Perception, the mother of all fuckups

You probably have heard of the quote: ‘Assumption is the mother of all fuckups’! But I would argue that quote as I believe perception is the mother of all fuckups. It is how people perceive the world that leads to misguidance and eventually to fuckups.

You see, even though we believe all people are likeminded and kind, they are the product of their environment, from kindergarten to university, parents, career and friends, neighbourhood. They all make a dent on their soul and how they perceive the world. And through this journey, their perception is influenced by the events. Those experiences adorn crucial moments in life and form the definite perception of the world and all people living in it.

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The world is not black and white, it is filled with colour, but you have to discover it!

They form the perception of men and women, how we define love, character, honesty, integrity, loyalty and all subjects which are of enormous importance to us. This perception of the world can be very deceitful because the only validation people have is their own. The perception creates a bias, a bias that signs us for life.

Perception can lead you to live a life of lies. But it is only after a disaster people can resurrect. What does this mean? Well, stressful and challenging moments in life work two ways, either you grow a syndrome of feeling sorry for yourself, or you use it to perpetuate your growth and make you hungry for knowledge with a tremendous focus.

World off — headphones on — FOCUS!

To be able to do this, you have to unsubscribe from all earthly matters and know not to fear that one day you are going to die. And all the moments of joy will let you rest in peace with a smile on your face. It is only then that you can enjoy the moment but also really align yourself with your soul, heart, mind and actions.

I’ve experienced such a spiritual journey which led me to the total alignment. And I decided to write about all that comes to my mind, which is in direct connection with my soul. And a funny thing happened or better said there are two sides. First is that readers enjoy because apparently there is a lack of honesty and transparency in the world, especially when it comes to you being you. It inspires and motivates them to do more, enjoy more, be more and share more with people around them!

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What the F**ck!?

The second is more awkward. These are the people that called me to ask if everything was alright with me. If I just haven’t lost it. How the fuck can you just say what you feel and act upon it without any hesitation, don’t you have the world of spectators to satisfy? So I would classify these ‘concerned’ people as living a lie of satisfying others and their desires. There was even a recent article in HBR stating that the strategy that people use to cater to the interests, preferences and expectations of the person they want to impress is a terrible one. The best way is to be yourself and enjoy the journey and let the chips fall where they may.

This my dear friends is perception, the mother of all fuckups. People perceive others and start behaving orderly to try to impress them. They perceive how the person they are attracted to wants them to behave and start acting like that; they try to get a job like this and end up celebrating Fridays. They end up having friends that are not listening but waiting for theirs turn to speak. So fuck the perception, start listening, questioning and showing genuine interest in others. A conversation is not all about you, although you have to be the true and best version of your self to achieve this level of alignment.

It is very exhausting to have different masks and faces and not taking the time to discover who you really are and live in full alignment like there is no tomorrow. I would recommend it to all, but then again, it is up to you whether you want to live a lie or discover the true meaning of being alive and aligned. Good luck and may love, happiness and joy follow you on your journey!

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