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Your past does not define you!

Your past is a chapter that you can’t rewrite! Your past does not define you nor your future! You have to leave your past so you can fully enjoy life now and focus on the future! Say goodbye to the pain and struggle in your story! This chapter finished! If you hold on to something you can’t change, that my dear friend, is called insanity! And I can’t focus on everything that was wrong with my life and play the victim card! For letting me experience war at a young age, why should I experience this while others live in peace and live free? Why should I go through refugee camp not having a place that I call home while others take for granted the warmth of a home? Why should I live in poverty?

You are stronger than you think you are!

But I needed this; I needed to experience all of it to become a human I am today! And I choose not to be influenced by the circumstances, but my approach towards any of them. I decide to leave my past behind and see the beauty in everything and rise by lifting others. You only get what you focus on, the universe takes care of this, and never gives you more than you can handle. My circumstances do not define me; I define my circumstances. The pain I have been through, the struggle I have been through it was all needed for me to be here today.

You can’t feel and give yourself to others at the rock bottom if you haven’t been there yourself!

You can’t have courage if you haven’t been in the emotional, mental and physical fight with your fears!

There is no strength in you if you haven’t got up after life has beaten you down, time after time!

There is no compassion you can give without having experienced the suffering.

Life will be back again to test you, but you are unstoppable!

Your past is not the publisher of your story; you have it in you to write the bright next chapter of your life. And for this, you need to let go, let go and let the light into your life!

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