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Alma Gemela Alma Gemela Alma Gemela a true love story never ends RDBAZG5 500x500

Alma Gemela

Soulmate! What is a soulmate? Well, in Spanish it is alma gemela? But that is only the translation. A soulmate is a person that understands you completely and is thoroughly interested in you as a person — going beyond the physical and straight to the soul — unconditionally sharing all thoughts and interestest in every...

What is life?! What is life?! What is life?! life WZK3FEE 500x500

What is life?!

I remember the good old Wired series and a conversation between two detectives. The quote that stuck was: ‘Life Jimmy, you know what that is? It is the shit that happens while you wait for the moments that never come’! As research shows, populations have happy and fulfilled lives, but at the same time, people...

Artificial Intelligence, Sanity Check Artificial Intelligence, Sanity Check Artificial Intelligence, Sanity Check sensual cyber woman technology and future concept RQF3SKC 500x500

Artificial Intelligence, Sanity Check

Cogito ergo sum (I think. Therefore I am)!Rene Descartes The media streams nowadays are filled with various messages concerning Artificial Intelligence(AI) and the impact of it on our society, employment, education and way of work. The fact is that the technological advancements are transforming all of the above; however, before we can judge how these...

Existential crises of companies existential crises of companies Existential crises of companies conceptual image of stock market and business cris MX3FTVM 500x500

Existential crises of companies

Most organisation dating pre-2000 are coping with an existential crisis. They have stapled their products and services continuously losing touch with the customer. And then came the IT, automating certain functions, but for each, we got another supplier meaning the systems couldn’t communicate nor exchange information. In the meantime, we siloed our operations and departments...

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