Don’t Be Fooled by the Single Serving Friend Society

Don’t Be Fooled by the Single Serving Friend Society

The technological advancements in the modern West have brought us societal and material wealth. Those that live in the western hemisphere can consider themself privileged. However, this came at the cost of the human core values such as moral, integrity, loyalty, honesty. While digitally and financially wealthy, we have never felt more empty and depressed about our lives. And Social Media is feeding these phenomena.

Given the times we live in, you can see, read, experience, and conclude that society’s top-bottom is becoming a decaying matter. It starts with politicians down to people that voted for them. Lowering your moral code, your core values just for the sake of accomplishing your monetary / business goals is the perfect recipe for moral bankruptcy.

You may wonder what this has to do with the title of the article.

Suppose you are sailing the sees in a one-person boat, careless about other ships, captains and crews unless they benefit or serve you. You, my friend, are in it for just one person, YOU!

I’m seen as naive throughout my life as I approach every person with genuine interest and the will to share. The start of any relationship is trust. The saying you have to earn is the single most ridiculous thing ever uttered. Sadly enough, many acquaintances were there with a genuine interest in what is there for them, how they could benefit from this relationship. And thus, I took the phrase from my favourite movie ‘Fight Club’ and turned it into ‘SSFS’ Single Service Friend Society.

In the movie, Tyler Durden references Single Serving Friend as a person you will meet once in your life because you are sitting next to each other on the aeroplane. When travelling, most things you encounter are single serving, and so are people you meet. To kill time, you pretend you are interested, but factually, this ends as soon as you land.

The disturbing fact is that most people continue to this is in their daily life. As a measurement statement, they show their superficial interest to make them feel good or bad about themselves. Depending on whether you are more successful according to the societal terms, it will be the former or the latter. Welcome to the SSFS, the social decay of the society
individualism through a brainwashing machine called social network and opportunism. We consume everything lightly, not taking a moment to think, instead to feed our dopamine levels. All of this contributes to lowering your moral code and core values to accomplish your monetary / business goals which is the perfect recipe for moral bankruptcy.

Meet, consume, dump is the motto of what is in it for me movement!

To eradicate these kinds of people, you have to be you! Authentic, genuine, high moral principles and core values as your moral anchor. Your grand pillars valid in your world. To not kneel or agree just for the sake of getting something in return or closer to your goal. Being agreeable is how your soul is sold piece by piece.

The funniest thing is the rise of the social movement and personal coaches that wish you well being in exchange for money. That, my dear friends, is free to all! We call it parenthood and real sincere friendship. But in this world, we have to distance our selves from our parents, from our brothers and sisters, from our friends for the fake likes and online interest from people that don’t care about us, believing the Silicon Valley false prophecy of entrepreneurship.

You know when you get married, you recite the vows, for better or worse and so on. That goes for your parents, brothers and sisters, friends and business relations. You are there for them, period! Our continuous presence is why we need to downsize, downsize, and downsize our networks of people you like to call friends and focus on those who truly and genuinely interest in the authentic version of you.

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