Photonics for Business

Photonics for Business

Our appetite for bandwidth is growing exponentially; next to that, we also want to measure complex physical phenomena using miniaturized equipment. These developments ensure the need for the development of new technologies! With high-frequency electronics, photonics is becoming the base for the next generations of chips and industries. However, integration of photonics and electronics is essential to ensure the transition.

The science of generating, controlling and detecting light is the future! Light-based technologies can also enhance energy conversion and conservation, lighting and high-quality manufacturing.

Photonics play an essential role in driving innovation in an increasing number of fields. The application of photonics spreads across several sectors: from optical data communications to imaging, lighting and displays; from the manufacturing industry to life sciences, health care, security and safety.

Combined with recent development in Artificial Intelligence, Photonics will ensure faster market adoption in business to business.

Do companies understand the benefits of Photonics for their businesses, and what value does the implementation bring for their data, application landscape and processes?

In the eighth episode of Digital Business Disruptors, we focus on Photonics for Business. We focus on debunking the hype and understanding businesses’ real value in a conversation with three domain experts.

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