Season I

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Reserve some time to think with Damir Mitric

Changing your mind is okay with Samir Pekaz

Go and get a new perspective with Mathew Donald

Adjust yourself for the change with Josia Nakash


Choose your emotional reaction with Teresa Quinlan

Human-centered technology with Mark van Rijmenam

Humanizing the workplace with Vivian Acquah

Intuition is your compass with Karim Hashem

Enjoy experiences, not material goods with Borislav Tadic

Thinking about customer needs with Chantal van den Berg

Invite yourself to the world with Danijela Colic

Live a purposeful life with Jeroen Brugman

Growing together with Dennis Sanchez

Design your life with Jan de Jong

Never bet against yourself with Ivan Skoric

Stay young, stay foolish with Christian Kromme

Having an impact with your idea is success with Erna Sosevic

Passion over Safety with Daniël van der Waals

Find your calling with Muamer Babajic

Explore while you can with Tim Herglotz

Keep trying and never ever give up with Kacper Bazyliński

Be remembered for what you have done with Tobias Disse

Action is key for change with Bart Jenezon

Continuously upgrade yourself with Jovan Stojanovic

Less talking more doing with Sanin Saracevic

From purpose economy to the love economy with Ynzo van Zanten

Live your life to your fullest potential with Arnon Barnes

Be kind with Lennard Hulsbos

Life is love with Elzeta Sabirovic

You are enough with Jonathan MacDonald

Focus is everything with Jeroen Jonkers

It is all about being open for opportunities with Claus Kjeldsen

Engineering with a lot of unknowns saved me with John Tillema

Be unique and have your own signature in the world with Tatjana Vucic

Don't do things alone with Zoran Puljic

Just ask for help with Adna Pekmezovic

Always have the mind of a toddler with Afzal Mangal

Work with people which share your values with Andrej Kaurin

Ordinary people are so extraordinary with Azra Hromadzic

If you have an idea, just do it with Jeroen Mol

Never miss an opportunity to ask for feedback with Frans Reichardt

Always value honesty and speak from the heart with Faris & Resad Zacina

Always stay true to yourself with Mascha Mooy

Always trust your gut in everything you do, but also question it analytically with Damir Perkic

Leadership boils down to simple answers and not complex theories with Mirjam Boxen

Believe in yourself and do what you love and the money will follow with Nick Teunissen

Focus on your idea and never stop as an entrepreneur with Christian Binde

Aiming for the Moon while developing future strategies and business models with Leonard Bukenya.

Making investments in startups possible for everyone with Ralf Heine

Applying technology with thought and cognition at the core with Nick Shackleton-Jones

Challenging the status Quo by empowering others with Eddie Custovic

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