For organisations to be successful in the digital era, they have to align customer-facing empathetic experts with technologists working on their clients’ challenges together.

Digital transformation combines people and innovative and disruptive technologies to leverage new developments to solve urgent customer needs and develop new business models.

Digital Business Disruptors has a monthly webcast with technology for business as the main focus. Tune in and apply within your own company!

This is the overview of passed and future events:

  1. Internet of Things for Business
  2. Artificial Intelligence for Business
  3. AR/VR for Business
  4. User Experience / User Interface for Business
  5. Distributed Ledger Technology for Business
  6. Industry 4.0 for Business
  7. Cyber Security for Business
  8. Photonics for Business
  9. Data for Business
  10. Cloud for Business (featured event)
  11. Data Integration for Business (featured event)
  12. Robotic Process Automation for Business (featured event)

Last modified: 31/05/2021

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