Cyber Security for Business

Over 7,000 data breaches were reported in 2019. Protecting customer data weighs on corporations, which are facing increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.

“So, you never know, the bad guys are continuing to invest as much as the good guys. And we got to stay out ahead of it. We got to remain vigilant.”
Alfred Kelly CEO Visa

Business and their data are more vulnerable than ever before in the digital era. Cybersecurity is necessary to operate your business efficiently—but it’s also critical for protecting your customers’ information. Cyberattacks usually aim at accessing, changing and destroying sensitive information, extorting money and interrupting business processes. Implementing effective layered cybersecurity measures is not a matter of choice but a must for all businesses!

There are five layers of security:

  • Identity
  • Endpoints & devices
  • Applications
  • Data
  • Infrastructure

“Instead of thinking like ‘data owners,’ companies must act as ‘data custodians’ who protect personal information and use it only with a customer’s best interests in mind.”
Frederick “Flee” Lee CISO Gusto

Do companies understand the benefits of Cybersecurity for their businesses, and what value does the implementation bring for their data, application landscape and processes?

In the seventh episode of Digital Business Disruptors, we focus on Cybersecurity for Business. We focus on debunking the hype and understanding businesses’ real value in a conversation with four domain experts.

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